TEAS Germany was established with a mission to promote Azerbaijan, highlighting the economic potential and opportunities that exist in the country; increase awareness of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict; and to coordinate the Azerbaijani diaspora in Germany. TEAS strives to promote cooperative ties between Germany and Azerbaijan on a cultural, economic and political level. TEAS Germany works in close collaboration with various existing Azerbaijani organisations in Germany, as well as German political parties.

The European Azerbaijan Society (Germany)

Bellevuestr. 1
D-10785 Berlin

Tel:  +49 (0)30 26 39 93 74
Fax: +49 (0)30 26 39 93 76

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Co-ordination Centre for Azerbaijanis in Germany (KAD) logo

TEAS is pleased to support and collaborate with the Co-ordination Centre for Azerbaijanis in Germany (KAD). KAD has a primary objective of consolidating Azerbaijanis living and working in Germany, together with reinforcing Azerbaijani-German relations. It also seeks to coalesce Azerbaijani community organisations and support the regional, national and international undertakings of Azerbaijani communities. Furthermore, it aims to promote Azerbaijani culture in Germany, facilitating cultural exchange, thereby supporting German-Azerbaijani dialogue.


Other Organisations


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TEAS is honoured to collaborate with the German-Azerbaijani Forum (DAF), headquartered in Berlin. This organisation enables figures from the fields of politics, economics, culture and science to join forces, with the common aim of promoting mutual understanding between Azerbaijan and Germany. Its objective is to make a substantial contribution to the bilateral relations between the countries.

DAF undertakes myriad activities, placing emphasis on developing communication between the countries via conferences, seminars, workshops, working groups and co-operation between the German and Azerbaijani governments and NGOs. In particular, DAF is able to facilitate meetings between Germans and Azerbaijanis regarding economics, politics, culture and the promotion of scientific exchanges.