Public Affairs

The Public Affairs team works to increase awareness about Azerbaijan amongst key opinion formers, key decision-makers and other political, academic and civil society stakeholders.

As part of its public affairs programme, TEAS works with parties across the full political spectrum in the UK, France, Germany, Brussels and other EU nation states and stakeholders. The Public Affairs team regularly briefs politicians, civil servants, diplomats, ministers, senior opposition figures and committee members. Our aim is to act as an information resource about Azerbaijan.

We organise a busy programme of events throughout the year in pursuit of the above objectives. Members of the team attend the annual conferences of all of the major political parties. Additionally, events are organised to commemorate and celebrate landmark dates in the Azerbaijani calendar.

The crowd at the TEAS 20th Anniversary of Independence (Azerbaijan) event, London

The crowd at TEAS' 20th Anniversary of Azerbaijani Independence event, London

Highlighting the illegal occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh and the seven surrounding territories is a principal objective of the Public Affairs team. At TEAS, we believe that until this issue is resolved, it will be difficult for Azerbaijan and other countries in the South Caucasus to achieve their full economic potential and integrate fully into the European family of nations. We call upon the international community to abide by international law and to implement the four UN Security Council Resolutions calling for the immediate withdrawal of Armenian forces. Only once this has occurred can the 875,000 Azerbaijani refugees and Internally Displaced Persons from those regions return to their homes.

As part of our programme to raise awareness about Azerbaijan, its economic potential and issues relating to Nagorno-Karabakh, a series of fact-finding trips are organised each year. These involve politicians, business people and journalists. We believe that it is important that these stakeholders have the chance to verify for themselves that TEAS publishes accurate and truthful information on the region.

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