The Cultural Team promotes and raises awareness of Azerbaijan’s rich and vibrant culture to a worldwide audience.

Azerbaijan, located on the crossroads between the East and the West, and once a part of the famous Silk Road, has a uniquely vibrant and diverse cultural heritage. The country’s ancient history and artistic legacy is reflected in all cultural facets, some elements of which have been recognised by UNESCO.

As part of its mission, TEAS operates an extensive cultural programme, with regular events, including, concerts, performances, exhibitions and book launches. TEAS’ cultural events are held across Europe, with presentations being organised by its offices in the UK, Belgium, France and Germany. We include interviews and features on Azerbaijani artists and musicians in our monthly publication, TEAS Magazine, and on the TEAS TV channel.

TEAS’ cultural objectives and aspirations are to raise awareness of all Azerbaijani cultural forms, including: art, architecture, literature, theatre, cinema, dance and music. Our cultural events calendar includes celebrations of Azerbaijani key holidays, presenting Azerbaijani culture in Europe and creating the opportunities for European artists to visit and take part in various cultural projects in Azerbaijan. One of the most memorable cultural events was the Azerbaijani Cultural Weekend, which took place in London, attracting an audience of over 2000 people, showcasing Azerbaijani and British musicians, Azerbaijani dance troupes, and other aspects of Azerbaijani culture.

TEAS Cultural Weekend 2009 – Orchestra playing at Cadogan Hall, London

TEAS Cultural Weekend, Cadogan Hall, London

As part of our Outreach & Engagement Programme, TEAS is calling upon all those with a passion for Azerbaijani culture to generate ideas that will promote this rich and distinctive heritage on an international level. TEAS strongly believes that culture is not only a key factor in defining the country and understanding its people; it is also one of the best tools for promoting communication between nations.

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