Caspian Khazri School

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Financed and sponsored by TEAS, the Caspian Khazri School network was established to provide specialist education to Azerbaijani children living in the UK. The school offers an extensive curriculum, focusing on Azerbaijani language, history, literature, geography, cultural traditions and national dance.

The first Caspian Khazri School was established in North London in 2006 by the Caspian Khazri Society, becoming the first Azerbaijani school in Europe. Due to demand, a second school was opened in West London in 2012.

For children:

Education for ages 3–14 years.

Subjects taught:

  • Azerbaijani language lessons
  • Azerbaijani literature
  • Azerbaijani history
  • Azerbaijani national dance
  • Drama
  • Art
  • Creative writing and story-telling.

For adults:

  • Azerbaijani language lessons for non-native speakers
  • Azerbaijani history
  • Azerbaijani literature.

Caspian Khazri School locations:

Caspian Khazri School (North London):

St. Thomas More Catholic School
Glendale Avenue
Wood Green
N22 5HN

(Saturdays: 10.30am–13.30pm)

Caspian Khazri School (West London):

Studland Hall
Studland Street
W6 0JS

(Sundays: 11.00am–14.00pm)

Contact details:

Phone: +44 (0)203 368 64 08

Freephone: +44 (0)800 044 59 16

Mobile: +44 (0)798 495 40 55



Caspian Khazri:

The Caspian Khazri School network was established by the Caspian Khazri Society, a UK-based organisation focused on providing assistance to the Azerbaijani diaspora and promoting Azerbaijan in the UK and across Europe. Established in 2006, Caspian Khazri manages a number of cultural projects, including the Caspian Khazri School network, the Sara Khatun Women’s Society, the Azerbaijan National Food Exhibition, and the Buta Dance Ensemble.

The organisation also operates a consultancy specialising in Carbon Management, Education Consultancy, Project and Performance Management, and Talent Management.

Caspian Khazri donates 30 per cent of its profits to charitable causes.