Guide to Baku

TEAS has partnered with Hg2, the authors of the Hedonist's guide to Baku, to provide a city guide for travellers visiting Baku. The guide includes information about Baku's wealth of hotels, restaurants, shopping, leisure activities and culture.

TEAS Hg2 Baku Guide

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About Hg2 Baku:

Hg2's Baku city guide explores boutique hotels and the best restaurants, as well as bars, clubs, shops, sights and spas.

Ask most people where Baku is and most people wouldn't have a clue; as neither Europe or Asia, it's a city that refuses to be defined. It was once the wealthiest city on the planet, with free-flowing oil and free-wheeling opulence, but seventy-odd years of Soviet occupation did an extremely good job of wiping all trace of this desert town from the world's collective conscience. Not even two decades on from independence, however, and Baku is back in business, with oil money once again flowing and gleaming high-rises replacing drab, concretey Soviet construction. We recommend you get there quick, before it goes boom.